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These are a few of the patterns we’ve seen trending so far this year and we absolutely love them! Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below.


Animal Print
Animal print has taken the fashion and interior industry by storm! From skirts, to tops, to carpets, cushions, you name it.

Floral patterns are one of those trends that will forever remain popular. We aren’t mad about it though.

Portraits and photos
This unique and very popular pattern design is seen on posters, wallpapers, blanket and even items of clothing. These designs can be made to be very unique and sometimes abstracted.

Looking for something completely different and unique? Abstract patterns are definitely the way to go.

Plaid has definitely made a comeback this year in both the fashion and interior industry. From chair covers, carpets, pants, blazers and coats.

The botanical pattern is another trend that has been seen everywhere. Can you tell we love it? The lush greenery of the prints add a fresh tropical feel to your interior and brightens up any room.

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