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With summer being almost over and the holidays fast approaching, for some lucky ones, it’s time to make the most of the warm weather. Luckily, here at Pure Designer Products we have a range of products that are guaranteed to make your summer holiday one to remember!

Spending the day at the beach or by the pool? Take one of our beautifully designed beach towels along with you! Our beach towels are perfect as they are super soft, absorbent and quick drying. We have unique designs to choose from in our range that will definitely stand out from the rest.

Do you need something to carry all of your holiday essentials in? Look no further, our tote bags make for the perfect beach bag. Not only do they have trendy and unique designs printed on them, but they have thick durable straps with extra length which makes them easy to carry around. Our tote bags are the perfect size to put your towel in as well as being able to fit all your other beach or pool essentials. Our tote bags are not only perfect for the beach, but for sleepovers, shopping and more!

What about sharing your summer holiday memories with friends, family members and loved ones? Yes, there’s social media for that but what about doing something different and ‘old school’, like sending a postcard. Our postcards showcase some of Cape Town’s most popular locations in a beautiful illustration that has a bronze foiled finish.

Don’t you want to keep record of all the things you did over the holiday? Our sketchbooks are just the thing you need! Our hard cover sketchbooks come in two different patterns, banana leaf and Cape Town city illustration. The sketchbooks are handy to have as they are small enough to carry around with you and you can write down all the things you’ve done to make sure you don’t forget anything.  

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