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Canvas tote bag: the latest trend

You must have seen at least five people today with a soft shoulder bag with two thin handles. Here it is, the ‘’canvas tote bag’’!

Founded in the 1900s, postmen used it to carry and easily access mail. Some stores then began to distribute it to their customers in order to transport purchases. It was only in the 90s that this unique tote bag truly became a fashionable  accessory.

Nowadays, a canvas tote bag is a multifunctional must have. Going to work, it can be a trendy accessory and during the holidays, a wonderful beach bag. With everyone becoming more aware of the environmental effect of plastic, people are starting to use it more for shopping or even as gift wrap.

This unique tote bag is the biggest bag trend of Summer 2018 and thus, choosing the perfect summer bag is the best way to transition into the new season in and around Cape Town. In addition to being useful, it is stylish and can match with most looks, thanks to several different patterns.

So don’t wait any longer, look hip with our unique Cape Town & Banana Leaf tote bags and make it the perfect Summer accessory!


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