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Even though it is only the beginning of the month, there are so many things that we have been absolutely loving that we just have to share with you! Please enjoy and feel free to leave what you have been loving this month in the comments below.

Bamboo has made a major comeback this year, especially with bamboo bags. What was once used as an accessory for the beach or market has since evolved into high-fashion investments. According to Lyst, a global fashion search engine, searches for bamboo, straw, wicker and raffia have increased up to 56%. On Pinterest, there were 573% more saves of woven handbags.

Clear Bubble Umbrellas
Clear bubble umbrellas are the newest chic accessory for winter. These allow your head to be right inside the umbrella instead of it just hovering over your head. The umbrellas are more wind resistant than regular ones and slope downwards to protect you from the rain. These umbrellas are perfect as they won’t clash with your outfit and they provide visibility, which is an added bonus.

Pop of Neon
This year several retro trends are re-emerging and neon is definitely one of them. Place a few of these neon pieces around your home to add a pop of colour and vibrancy.

Line Art
Line art is definitely a major trend this year. Figurative art inspired drawings are popping up on everything from plates, to posters, to cushions and vases.

Sustainable Packaging
Due to the rising anti-plastic sentiment, sustainable packaging is slowly but surely dominating the packaging industry. And we are all about it!

Seashell Jewellery
This year the seashell jewellery trend has taken the accessories market by storm. What seemed to be a summer only style, has evolved into a year-round jewellery staple.

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