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We have dedicated this month’s “What We’re Loving This Month” to travel. Who doesn’t love to travel! Here are a few travel related products that we have been absolutely loving. Please enjoy and feel free to leave what your favourite from this month is in the comments below.

Passport holders
Passports are one of those things that you need to protect at all costs. As it is something that is essential for traveling, keeping it safe and protected is key. Besides preventing your passport pages from looking frayed, wrinkled or beaten up, passport holders come in a wide range of colours, materials and prints.

Luggage covers
Luggage covers are perfect for protecting your suitcase from the inevitable bumps and scratches that occur while travelling. They are also super helpful with easily spotting your luggage on the carousel. Like the passport holders, the luggage covers also come in a wide range of colours, materials and prints.

Luggage belts
Luggage belts are a great travel accessory that will add a pop of colour and personalisation to your luggage. It also helps to hold your bag together after cramming it with all of your travel purchases.

Patterned notebooks
Notebooks are great to take with you on your travels. Make notes of each day’s activities or turn it into a scrapbook. Pretty patterned notebooks are far better than plain old boring ones.

Scratcher maps
These scratch maps are the perfect way to keep track of where you have traveled. Every time you get back from a trip you can scratch away a part of the location to reveal the colours underneath.

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