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With winter definitely here and more rainy days to come, we’ve put together a few of our winter essentials.

A rain coat is a MUST if you want to survive these winter months. There is nothing worse than being cold and wet!

Another major winter must have. Our umbrellas are of high quality, they’re lightweight and strong enough to withstand the wind and rain. They are also pretty large, so you will be protected from the rain.

Blanket Scarf
Blanket scarves are al the talk! They are soft, warm, quite large and perfect for keeping your neck protected from the cold.

Fuzzy Thick Socks
There is nothing worse than having cold feet. Fuzzy thick socks are just what you need to keep your toes all nice and warm. They are also SUPER soft too!

Our sketchbooks are perfect for writing, planning or drawing on cold rainy days. Plan your next summer trip to someplace warm!

Comfort food is a necessity during the winter. Our City and Botanical Collection placemats are perfect for placing those warm bowls of food on.

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