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We have dedicated this month’s “What We’re Loving This Month” to stationery. Stationery is defined as writing materials or office supplies and is something we use in our everyday lives. It doesn’t only have to be functional or practical, it can be super cute too! Here are a few stationery related products that we absolutely love.

Stationery holder
Keep all your stationery together and organized in a holder. These holders range from simple pencil holders, to more complex but modern holders which hold your mouse, charge your phone as well as store your usual stationery items.

There is nothing more relaxing then keeping organized. Start off the year right by getting yourself a planner and making sure you are organized and prepared for the year ahead.

Desk pads
Protect your desk surface by laying down a large desk pad. Not only does it protect your desk, but also spruces up your desk area.

Desk calendar
Keep up to date with cute a desk calendar. These calendars don’t have to be one of those boring corporate ones, get yourself a calendar that inspires you everyday or contains photos of your favourite animal.

Move away from boring corporate notebooks and add some fun into your life with brightly coloured and patterned notebooks.

Paper clips
Work is a lot more fun with cute shaped paper clips. Nowadays, paper clips come in all sorts of shapes and colours.

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